The situation in a Russian hospital after the suicide of two nurses is described: Society: Russia:

After the suicide of two nurses, medicines were brought to the Surgut trauma hospital. So the situation in the hospital after the death of the hospital staff was described by the nurse working in it, informs

“Medicines were delivered in full – suture material was delivered four times a month. They brought in hemostatics, covid suits, removed all the delays – they took them out with KAMAZ trucks, ”said a hospital employee.

She added that doctors and nurses also no longer see management pressure.

According to the interlocutor of the publication, the most important step for solving problems in the hospital is to punish those who are responsible for years of violations and pressure on staff.

The situation in a Russian hospital in Surgut took the chairman is under control The Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin… With a request to objectively understand the situation with suicides, a number of hospital employees approached the leadership of the department through the media.

The suicide of a 49-year-old nurse of the anesthesiology and intensive care unit of a local hospital became known on October 21, 2021 – the body of a Russian woman was found on the staircase of the house. Two months later – on December 27, 2021 – her colleague also committed suicide.

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