The storming of the building with a Chinese drone was shown on the video – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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A video of the use of an attack drone to storm a building conditionally seized by terrorists has appeared on the Web. The video was filmed during the exercises of the special forces of the People’s Armed Militia of China.

The heavy quadcopter is armed with a QBZ-95 automatic rifle. The drone first fires at the building, and then flies inward, breaking through the window glass.

The QBZ-95 (Type 95) is a lightweight automatic rifle chambered for a low-pulse 5.8mm cartridge. The weapon is built according to the bullpup scheme, has low recoil and is effective at short range. Conducting aimed fire at a great distance is difficult due to the layout and the short barrel.

The People’s Armed Militia is part of the PLA, the internal troops of the PRC. In peacetime, the police guard important facilities. During the war, the NIAC is called upon to assist the army in defense and combat operations.

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