The trolleybuses collided at the roundabout in Pardubice

The trolleybuses collided on the roundabout in Pardubice. (23rd of 2022)
| photo: Mstsk Police Pardubice

The police received a report about the accident in Pardubice street Trnov around four in the afternoon,

At the roundabout, a total of the cars of the Transport Company collided with each other. All units of the IZS intervened in the accident, and then informed the city police about the accident, with the fact that the traffic on the scene was divided by those parties.

According to the police, Andrea Muzikantov, six people were injured in the accident, one of them was a passenger, and another five people were passengers. The spokeswoman then added that the three injured persons were transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

The breath tests of the people were negative, he gave the cause of the accident to the police.

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