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British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said that serious sanctions could be imposed on Russia if Moscow will continue its aggressive strategy towards Ukraine. Her words leads Daily express

Trass noted that the military build-up in Crimea “unacceptably”. In her opinion, the only way forward for Russia is de-escalation and participation in meaningful discussions. “What happens next will be absolutely decisive for peace and security in Europe,” the head of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Formerly Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Alexander Grushko statedthat the main condition for the de-escalation of the conflict around Donbass is the termination of military assistance to Ukraine from NATO and forcing it to comply with the Minsk agreements. According to the diplomat, first of all, we are talking about a ban on the supply of weapons for Kiev and the presence in the republic of foreign military instructors, inspectors and military units. He called this requirement directly stipulated by the Minsk agreements.

January 12 at Brussels ended a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council, the topic of which was Russian proposals on security guarantees in Europe. The negotiations lasted more than four hours.

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