The Ukrainians have lost nine thousand soldiers so far. NATO invites its help to Kyiv

They’re not statistics… A few weeks ago, there was an alarm of nine thousand. Especially here in Mariupol, where the number of dead is not completely known. They are press, but definitely not statists, according to the Russian-language BBC station, Malyarov said about the sweat of the earth. She also emphasized that she was only talking about military sacrifices, since civilian ones are recorded by another, etc.

Valery Zalunyi, a member of the Ukrainian General Staff, spoke of 9,000 fallen Ukrainian soldiers in August. According to the Far Russian Department of Defense, 61,207 Ukrainian fighters died in the fighting and 49,368 were wounded.

Ukraine and Russia usually do not announce their own losses, but they inform the other side fairly regularly about losses. ojgu, according to the Russian-language BBC station, spoke on Tuesday about the Russians who fell from the beginning. Pipustil, 5,937 Russian soldiers died in a neighboring country. The Ukrainian army reports that Russia killed a total of 56,000 people. Similarly, the information of the individual parties to the conflict cannot be independently evaluated.

The BBC, based on its information, claims that Russia lost at least 6,476 members of the armed forces during the invasion. This data bag comes only from open sources, and thus does not affect the real losses that will be yours. According to the American CIA, Russia lost 15,000 soldiers to Ukraine by the end of the war. British intelligence reported around 20,000 dead Russian soldiers in July.

NATO was going to help vc

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg informed CNN on Friday about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s assistance to Ukraine. He stated this at a time when Moscow held a vote on the annexation of the region to Russia, which, according to Kiev and its allies, is a trick that could lead to the annexation of these countries and the escalation of the seven-month-long war.

The answer, NATO’s answer, is a message of support, Stoltenberg said. According to him, the best way to end this war is to send the Ukrainians to war so that they can sit down and reach an agreement that will be acceptable to Ukraine and that will preserve Ukraine as a sovereign, independent nation in Europe, he added.

The vote raised concerns that Moscow could connect these three areas and then present the Ukrainian flows as a flow to Russia itself during their reconstruction.

First, we must be prepared for the fact that Russia will use these fictitious polling stations to escalate the war on Ukraine, Stoltenberg replied to a question about this event. This ballot bag has no legitimacy and of course will not change anything. Furthermore, it is an aggressive wolf of Russia against Ukraine, he added.

NATO allies support Ukraine with weapons, ammunition, other military equipment and training.

The weekly referendum was hastily organized after Ukrainian troops recaptured a large part of the country in the north-east of the country by arresting this month in the course of a counter-offensive. Given that Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the mobilization of 300,000 reservists this week, the Kremlin is trying to regain its footing, Reuters noted.

Since November 24, when the invasion of Ukraine began, Putin has claimed that Russia will carry out a special military operation with the aim of demilitarizing Ukraine, ridding it of dangerous nationalists and defending Russia against NATO. According to Moscow, the referendum offers the people of the region the opportunity to express their views.

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