The United States adheres to the Monroe Doctrine in dialogue with Russia KXan 36 Daily News

Amid talks with Moscow over security guarantees, the US is still adhering to the so-called “Monroe Doctrine,” according to a New York Times article.

Journalist Peter Beinart accused American politicians of hypocrisy. The US approach to foreign policy has always been based on the principles of spheres of influence, but Washington prefers to condemn other countries that adhere to the same principles for the sake of their own security.

Officials of the past White House administration often referred to the Monroe Doctrine, considering it relevant in our time, and Joe Biden’s people do not seek to stop the economic coercion of countries in the sphere of US interests.

In the context of negotiations on security guarantees with Moscow, as well as the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, the publication compares the territorial proximity of Ukraine and Russia and the United States and Mexico.

“It is impossible to imagine that the Mexican government would invite Russian or Chinese troops to their side of the Rio Grande,” the author believes. At the same time, it is noted that the United States and the European Union do not have a real opportunity to somehow reduce Moscow’s influence in the post-Soviet space.

“America’s top priorities should be preventing a larger war and ensuring that Ukraine remains a free society. And we should swallow a deal that tacitly recognizes Russia’s veto over Ukraine’s military alliances,” Peter Beinart concluded.

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