The university hospital wants to build another pavilion, but costs have increased

Construction was closed in the first quarter of the fifth year, and then opened within the following years. Such is the dream that the hospital board would fulfill. But it is complicated by the fact that investments have increased compared to expectations.

We will discuss external financial resources from 2.2 billion crowns to 3.8 billion, explained hospital editor Vclav imnek. According to him, it is due to the high cost of construction work and materials.

Moreover, in the original study, they did not think about the fact that we would need to make a connecting corridor between the two hundred pavilions with two floors instead of one floor. “Covid has taught us that it is good to build one floor for hospitals and the public, and another for nurses and patients,” explained the man.

He was going to advocate for the hospital’s share of the investment to the limit of 30 percent. six other hospital projects have a total of 30 percent and one project 46, the owner shared. After the dream, the hospital would have paid 1.25 billion crowns.

What is certain is that this week the hospital sent the necessary documentation for the contractor to the Ministry of Health, which will discuss with the Ministry of Finance whether there will be a withdrawal of the amount of pensions.

The hospital also prepared a tender for the selection of a construction company. I assume that there will be enough takers, because building a supermodern pavilion on a green meadow is a big challenge for companies, I think.

If the ministry responded quickly, by the end of the year the hospital would be able to select a construction contractor and start construction in the first quarter of the fifth year. The construction should take three years, the editor said.

It is a modern twelve-story building with a helipad for landing a helicopter on the street. There will also be a huge emergency room for surgical departments and an extensive emergency room for patients in immediate danger of life. There will be a surgery clinic, an orthopedics and trauma surgery clinic, a neurosurgery clinic and a urology clinic, all of which will work, including children’s clinics.

There will also be an anesthesiology-resuscitation clinic, which will provide intensive care. Even there, the room will be divided into one for aseptic patients and one for those with an infectious disease, the editor described. Today, infected patients are usually kept in an isolated room within one ward.

There will be about 450 drugs in the pavilion, which means that there will be no shortage of radical drugs, but it will mean more comfort for patients in the form of shorter journeys for diagnostics and to the sick room for me.

The basis of all comfort will be modern operating systems, including the so-called hybrid system. There will be combined actions.

I’ll give you a quote. Immediately, a stent was inserted into the patient’s female artery, and then a bypass was found, the patient said. Two actions are performed at the same time, while without a hybrid function they are performed separately.

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