The year started with clogged intakes in Caldas



The year began rainy for Caldas, with landslides on roads, overflowing ravines and collapses in intakes. The latter interrupting the water supply for dozens of communities.

12 intakes in the department have been affected in the water adduction and in the conduction pipes, where Empocaldas provides its services.

The storage sites and the streams that supply them have been blocked by palisades of stones, sticks and swamp and some pipes have collapsed.

The Empocaldas workers managed to restore the supply in the 12 affected municipalities. In Philadelphia, Empocaldas reported that on Sunday it sent workers to fix a damage in the Chamberí intake. In this northwestern town of Caldas, they have put into operation the La Busaca intake, so that the inhabitants do not suffer from shortages.


In Chinchiná, users from the neighborhoods of the center and the periphery reported that the first days of this year there was no water in their homes, so they had to resort to taking it from births. The Cuervos and Campoalegre abduction intakes, which supply 100% of the urban population of Chinchiná, and 60% of Palestine, were clogged with mud, stones and sticks, so the Empocaldas workers had to go to the emergency site and uncover the pipes.

Chinchiná firefighters carried water through some affected neighborhoods and to the San Marcos Hospital. Be careful and keep water collected, because from one moment to another there may be a cut.

The affected municipalities. Anserma, Aguadas, Belalcázar, Chinchiná, Filadelfia, Marmato, Manzanares, Palestina, Risaralda, San José, Supía and Viterbo.

Photos | Courtesy for LA PATRIA

Empocaldas workers worked to restore the water service in a dozen municipalities in Caldas.

Last week there were cuts due to plugging of the intakes and damage to the conduction pipes.

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