The “yellow” level of weather danger has been extended in the Moscow region

The hydrometeorological center has extended the “yellow” level of weather hazard in the capital. According to the forecast map published on the institution’s website, on December 8, there is an ice warning in Moscow and the Moscow region. “Yellow – the weather is potentially dangerous,” the Hydrometeorological Center said. According to eyewitnesses, 15-centimeter snowdrifts have formed in many parts of the city. So, in the metropolitan area, one-fifth of the monthly precipitation rate will fall until the evening. The “yellow” level of weather danger will be valid until 22:00 on December 8. Earlier, the forecaster predicted record rainfall in Moscow on December 7. According to Tatyana Pozdnyakova, a heavy snowfall that hit Moscow could break the record set in 1949.

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