They have a bath a short distance from the sofa in a dressing room, a rug on the floor and peace

The surrounding room is a part of the living terrace…
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The interior of a newly built family house on the outskirts of Roztok with a view of the Vltava mine consists of two basic materials, dominant stucco and devodecor on the furniture. This composition complements the details.

A stick on the floor is easy to fix.

The interior project of the family house was submitted by studio Obliqo to the Interior of the Year 2022 award in the Private Interior New Construction category.

Simplicity makes living easier

The direction in which the interior will go was clear from the very meeting of the collaborator. The clients chose epoxy plaster on the floors and in the bathrooms while weighing it over the future form of the houses. The purist style of the residence is underlined by the glass balustrade, simple lights, classic designer moldings in the bathrooms, light with exposed handles in the living room and, for example, a familiar chimney in the bathroom, explains architect Lenka Juklkov from the Obliqo design studio, who designed the interior together with colleague David Navrtil.

The epoxy floor contrasts with the delicate devodecor on the furniture, the room’s flowers and the detail of the metal texture above the work surface in the kitchen. Our favorite element is the integration of the herb chest into the kitchen worktop, Lenka Juklkov points out an interesting and practical detail.

The great feature of the room is its extension to the garden with a sitting area and a pool. The architects arranged the main living area in such a way that the owner could make maximum use of the garden in the warm months.

This is also related to the fact that the entire interior of the house sets the course for minimal clutter, simplicity and, above all, a comfortable, worry-free home.

Sout Interior of the year

Architects and interior designers from R and SR can apply until the eighth day of the Interior Year competition from 15 November 2022. The deadline is 28 November 2023 and the final will take place in the DOX Contemporary Art Center in Prague, as the highlight of the international congress on housing, design and Architecture Living Forum May 16, 2023.

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