they made a minor undress in a search

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The Prosecutor’s Office requested information from the Anserma Police Station in the investigation that is being carried out for an alleged abuse of authority that occurred on November 7 after a procedure that took place on a farm.

It is recalled that in the operation they would have surprised a teenager with six jars of popper. Although they informed the municipal family commissioner about the discovery, the official’s arrival at the place took an hour and 10 minutes, due to the distance.

The facts that are denounced would have occurred during that wait, since the minor was taken near an institution vehicle and ordered to undress and squat, without anyone guaranteeing his rights at that moment.

The fact originated the respective complaint, by the lawyer Juan Camilo Puerta. The matter is barely as criminal news in the Accusatory Oral Criminal System. On January 5, the delegated prosecutor’s office requested documents related to the procedure applied.

alleged irregularities

In this fact, not only were some apprehensions materialized in the case of the synthetic drug found, but also subpoenas were imposed by the Police Code, due to the presence of minors.

What the investigating entity expects to advance in the process and determine if there are merits to continue or file, is that the municipal police deliver a copy of the population book where the procedure was recorded.

On the other hand, specify if there were people arrested in the operation, to which authority they were directed and the crimes in which they would have incurred.

Because the complaint is that the police officers were allegedly not assigned to the specialty of childhood and adolescence, the station must clarify it, according to the request.


The initial explanation given by the police is that they went to the aforementioned property, because telephone information was received about a party in which minors participated, with the consumption of liquor and narcotics. At the time they clarified that in the intervention there were patrols and units for children and adolescents.

The data

The day of the operation there were about 15 minors at the party, with whom the procedure for reestablishing rights was carried out.

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