They seize assets of almost 9 million dollars from Colombian drug trafficker


Colombian authorities seized properties and assets worth almost 9 million dollars that belonged to Guillermo León Acevedo Giraldo, known as “Memo Fantasma”, an alleged drug trafficker who for decades managed to remain anonymous and who has been in preventive detention since July last.

“The properties, valued at more than 35,500 million pesos, would have been acquired with money as a result of activities related to drug trafficking, kidnappings, homicides, forced disappearance, money laundering and illicit enrichment, among other criminal behaviors,” the Prosecutor’s Office reported this Wednesday it’s a statement.

The assets, 17 urban properties, 3 businesses, 7 companies, 2 vehicles, 31 bank accounts and a group of shares, were occupied “for the purpose of extinction of the right of ownership” in the cities of Bogotá, Medellín and Montería (northwest).

Acevedo was arrested in June in Bogotá, where he had settled after living in Spain for several years, and lived in a wealthy neighborhood in the city, but had been eluding justice for years.

He was charged with the crimes of aggravated lactation, illicit enrichment of individuals and aggravated criminal conspiracy, which he did not accept and on July 3, a judge of guarantees granted him preventive detention and sent him to La Modelo prison in Bogotá.

Acevedo’s case

The Prosecutor’s Office has also established the link between the assets of “Memo Fantasma”, especially a farm in the department of Córdoba (north), with the Central Bolívar Bloc (BCB) of the paramilitary United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), and with Guillermo Leon Acevedo.

In that sense, the agency assured that it managed to establish the links between “Memo Fantasma” with the BCB, which began “in mid-1998 until the demobilization of that armed group in 2006, being pointed out as being in charge of leading drug trafficking activities. “of the Central Bolívar Block.

A report published in March 2020 by the publication Insight Crime mentions that the construction company of the husband of Vice President and Foreign Minister Marta Lucía Ramírez, Álvaro Rincón, in which the senior official appears as a shareholder, developed a real estate project in Bogotá in a land of “Ghost Memo”.

According to InSight Crime, Acevedo had been involved in drug trafficking since the time of Pablo Escobar, head of the Medellín Cartel, who was killed in 1993 in a Colombian police operation in that city.

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