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You indicated on Facebook that you are fighting Putin. Can you be specific?
It is of course an easy one. Scandals soutme, who vc uet. with gas, electricity, other things, or by myself at home.

When did you fight against Putin?
In the wilderness when the wolf howled. Until then, I had no need for energy efficiency in my household at all. In addition, I had health problems for a while, I was waiting for an operation, I was lying on the couch and getting bored. I had a relatively recently completed photovoltaic power plant, so I started to monitor how much energy was produced in what period of time. I saw how much energy we consume, what the profile of consumption is like, when I found out that the most important thing is not technology, but the boiler and the compressor and the heat loss on it, I started to think about how to optimize it and reduce my consumption without losing comfort.

I thought to myself that neither Brussels nor the government would dictate to me, I could drive, what I could do, etc. When you work on someone yourself, don’t look for a shortcut, but approach it comprehensively.

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