Thousands of Jobs in the Aviation Sector Around the World are at Risk

The British High Commission said in a statement that the people involved in the scam provided fake documents to the victims. Although the documents are claimed to have been issued by various government departments, including the UK Home Office, they are in fact fake. People involved in fraud ask victims to pay for ‘work permits’ and ‘visa applications’. Many people are deceived by money in the hope of getting a job. Fraudsters often offer foreign employment advertisements through various job websites or give advice directly to the victim.

The British High Commission further said that the fraudsters are using some tactics to claim employment opportunities. This fraudulent cycle creates fake job advertisements by mentioning details of various businesses in the UK. They demand work permits and money for the UK visa process. In fact, there is no such thing as an ’employee registration fee’ for UK visas.

The British High Commission has called for the nearest police station to be notified if anyone receives any suspicious emails or contacts. The British High Commission has advised to contact the embassy in this regard. In this case, all the information of the person seeking help or contact will be kept secret, the British High Commission said.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (IATA) has warned that thousands of jobs are at risk worldwide. Corona has had the bitter consequences of this summer. Due to this, they have reduced the travel forecast for 2020. The organization of 290 airlines says transport will be 6 percent lower this year than in 2019. Besides, they think that it will take at least until 2024 for Corona to return to its previous state.

In order to prevent infection, many countries are again imposing restrictions on the movement of people. Alexander Juniak chief executive of the IATA, said thousands of airlines would disappear without additional government incentives and without reopening the border.

Earlier this month, Virgin Airlines announced it would lay off another 1,150 workers. It laid off three and a half thousand workers earlier this year. They have to make this decision to secure the future for at least 18 months.

Last month, American Airlines, the world’s largest airline, said it would lay off 19,000 workers by October. They will get government assistance till October. So the airline is being forced to lay off workers after October. The job cuts are about 30 percent of Corona’s previous status. Earlier this year, United Airlines said 36,000 jobs were at risk. British Airways says it will lay off 13,000 workers. German Airlines has also announced layoffs.

Online fraud in the name of giving jobs to the citizens of Bangladesh has increased. They are being deceived by getting job offers in the UK through fake websites and emails. The High Commission has asked Bangladeshis to be careful about these websites and emails.

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