Tokayev began to cancel the state of emergency in Kazakhstan – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev began lifting the state of emergency in the country. As noted on the website of the head of state, he signed decrees on the end of the state of emergency in the North Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan and Pavlodar regions from January 13.

At the same time, Tokayev announced the end of the CSTO peacekeeping operation. The withdrawal of the peacekeepers from the country will begin tomorrow and will last 10 days. At a meeting with the organization’s general secretary, Stanislav Zas, the president thanked the allies for their help in the face of the terrorist attack.

“This situation has once again confirmed the value of the Organization itself as a military-political structure.” According to the president of the republic, after the events in Kazakhstan, the international community started talking about the CSTO. “The effectiveness of the organization has manifested itself quite clearly in this situation. It is extremely important, from my point of view, for the secretariat to establish interaction with the leadership of other international organizations. It will be very useful,” Tokayev said.

He also called the establishment of the institution of a special representative of the CSTO Secretary General for peacekeeping operations appropriate.

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