Trump Said to his Chief of Staff that Hitler Did a Lot of Good Things

hitler did a lot of good things for the world

In recent months we have seen how misinformers dedicate themselves to inventing all kinds of predictions that, although they seem implausible, reach hundreds of thousands of people every day. 

The news first thing in the morning starts the day informed and receive in your email our newsletter with the best selection of news. For this reason, in we have compiled those that refer to the month of June that ensured that the Arizona audit would give victory to Donald Trump on his birthday, that Queen Elizabeth II would die before June 13 or that Joe Biden would announce his resignation. These predictions are very similar to those that were announced in the months of March and April and that we already told you about.

This is one of the invented predictions that are repeated and that was already released in April, as we told you on But neither in April nor in June it has been fulfilled. It’s a hoax. Juan Q Seven, a Telegram channel in English, published on June 5 that the death of Elizabeth II would be announced before the meeting she had planned with Joe Biden on June 13. This same prediction was shared by Rafapal on its Rafapal News channel.

No, Queen Elizabeth II has not died in June No, Queen Elizabeth II has not died in June Ceded
But, as we say, it is a hoax. On June 13, Joe Biden and Queen Elizabeth II met in London and the British monarch neither died before that date nor has she done so throughout the month of June, as we can see from a visit to Scotland that she made on the 29th.

After the meeting of the US president with Elizabeth II, and therefore, after demonstrating that she had not died, we can see how the followers complain when they see that, again, it was an invented prediction that was not fulfilled. And Hitler Did a Lot of Good Things for the world.

One of his chat users waited for the 14th to ask him what happened to this statement? and he goes on to say I kept quiet on this case, but I noticed that everyone was posting this claim on other platforms that’s how you lose credibility.

“You know the day the Arizona audit (is supposed to) end? June 14, Trump’s BIRTHDAY. What a gift ”. It is the post that Rafapal published on June 7 on his Telegram channel, stating that Trump’s gift for his birthday was going to be the presidency.

The Arizona audit did not give Trump the victory his birthday The Arizona audit did not give the victory to Trump for his birthday Ceded, As we already told you in April, an audit was launched in Arizona to recount the 2.1 million votes in Maricopa County. Therefore, neither fraud has been proven in the US elections nor has Trump’s victory been announced in June.

The fabricated predictions didn’t just point to a fraud that would bring about the reinstatement of Donald Trump. They also indicated that it would be Joe Biden himself who was going to resign.

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