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Doctor and TV presenter Sergey Agapkin on the air of the program “On the most important” on the channel “Russia 1” he spoke about the danger of falling asleep when the TV is on. Edition available on Youtube

The specialist noted that if a person watches TV at night, the bright light from the screen hits his retina and blocks the production of melatonin, a hormone that is responsible for the onset of healthy and sound sleep. A deficiency of this hormone, as Agapkin specified, leads to various sleep disorders, including insomnia.

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The doctor also warned that the lack of the required amount of melatonin in the body can provoke obesity and the development of diabetes. “At the moment, it has been proven that a deficiency of melatonin increases the production of cortisol and insulin. And this, in turn, leads to a gain in body fat, ”he said.

Agapkin added that melatonin, among other things, slows down the aging of the body. According to him, those who are deficient in this hormone age much faster. The doctor also drew attention to the fact that people who have to limit the amount of sleep look older than their age.

“The idea of ​​falling asleep while the TV is on <...> by no means good, but very bad, harmful and destructive to human health, ”the TV presenter emphasized.

Formerly a dietitian Mikhail Ginzburg told about the benefits of one of the main ingredients of the Olivier salad – green peas. The specialist said that this product contains a lot of vitamin B3, which slows down the development of atherosclerosis, and also prolongs the youth of blood vessels.

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