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Physician and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov stated that excessive consumption of dairy products can lead to prostate cancer in men. Their Specialist named on the TV channel “Russia 1”.

According to him, there are many scientific papers that testify to the connection between consumption of dairy products and prostate cancer. The doctor noted that in connection with this, men should drink no more than 300 milliliters of milk per day. “The increased amount of calcium that enters the body with milk and dairy products leads to a decrease in vitamin D,” Myasnikov explained.

He also added that a decrease in the level of vitamin D in the body occurs in order to prevent the occurrence of hypercalcemia.

Formerly Myasnikov toldthat frequent use of headache medications can harm the body. For example, taking more than 15 pain pills per month can lead to a drug-induced headache. It will occur in a person every time when taking this group of drugs, the physician emphasized.

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