Two athletic departments are arguing in Brod over the construction of a new stadium

The problem is that the original athletic department of the Jiskra unit split into two groups. she wore a hundred original linens to Sokol. And these groups can’t agree on the times for the stadium, the mayor of Havlkobrod said at the heart of the dispute Zbynk Stejskal (ODS).

To understand the situation, you have to go back in time. In Havlkov Brod, there was always only one athletic department headed by Jiskry. During the time of the staich stadium with the blood rail, it was not big at all, it was dominated by quite a few individuals. The huge development of this type of sports facilities in Brod vak occurred after the reconstruction of the athletics stadium in 2018. Tartan’s main and modern sectors for dal disciplines very quickly saw literally hundreds of students from ad dt and younger.

With the arrival of new people, however, there was a sudden loss of vision in the leadership department. The main generation gap was deepening.

The old trainers were used to having their own methodology. On the other hand, young people wanted to do it differently, they tried to push the sport further. They had a different view of the tower, ast in the lead and led by the department, explains the president of TJ Jiskra, Miroslav Sommer.

A lot of people flocked to athletics, who would not have objected to it during the time of the bloody bull, they called elections, elected a new committee and began to dictate the conditions and apply their ideas. The original department dissolved, we went under the leadership of Sokol, l Radek Musil, chairman of the TJ Sokol athletics department.

Spark argues the safety of dt

Both of them moved away from each other. Only Jiskry athletes compete in the stadium. Anyone who goes to Sokol has to be satisfied with the thorn tree in the neighborhood of the stadium, on the cycle path and on the hiti Wolker’s bicycle warehouse.

The spark does not bind us to the stadium, it does not allow us to thorn in it. And that, even when there is only pr dt. Don’t ask for an agreement, insists Radek Musil.

We try to come to an agreement, we always agree on it and then things start to go differently and the petition is distributed. I don’t know if the cars see him, how he walks in the athletic suit and in the stadium, opposes Miroslav Sommer.

The dispute is mainly about the lucrative hours from roughly a quarter to six in the afternoon. At that time, mothers are after work and less children can be driven to athletics. First, in these times, separate the thorns from both sides.

The manager of Jiskry, which according to the agreement with the city uses the stadium for free, argues security. Behind the children and in the presence of sweat from different groups, worry that chaos will arise, in which my athletes could get lost or injured.

Treni wants no one else to be in the stadium when there are at least a few children. Little kids are confused, not who they are, whose coach they are fighting for. You will see a friend in the next group, jump behind him and the groups will mix. We want to avoid that. This is not a threat from scratch, explains Sommer.

The stadium is big enough, children can fit in it

On the other hand, the petitioners argue that the stadium is big enough to accommodate many groups of children. Athletics stadiums have a large capacity, usually 80 to 100 people attend at once, and around 180 wrestlers can fit there during the race. At the athletics station, the rescue of two teams, which would require the entire stadium, could not run. Practice on it in the sectors of individual disciplines, such as in a petition.

According to Musil, in the past, it was completely normal, even during the thorny period, for a child to go public. We didn’t see a problem with that, no one was hurting anyone, k.

Remind the petitioners that the stadium, whose construction cost 38 million crowns, was built from public funds. The cost was covered by a regional subsidy, which was conditional on the fact that all athletic departments, bikes and the public would be able to use the arena.

The current failure of Sokol athletes to enter the stadium in the afternoon also contradicts many points of the development of sports in Havlkov Brod, added the disgruntled family of children attending athletics in Sokol.

Their petition reached the city council. This was discussed and one of all parties, including the author of the petition, was called to arrest her. We want the departments to come to an agreement among themselves, instead we will enter into it only as a kind of mediator of the discussion, stated Zbynk Stejskal.

He stupidly pointed out that the sports hall at the athletics stadium is free and is managed by the technical services that take care of the area. You have an electronic schedule on your website, in which times and who will teach athletics and football. At the meeting of the week in this schedule, only TJ Jiskra athletics was featured on Monday from 14:00 to 18:00 and on Friday from 08:00 to 15:30. There was no other athletic program on the schedule for five weeks.

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