Ukraine threatened Russia with “hellish” sanctions in case of invasion – RBK

The West should impose “hellish” sanctions against Moscow in the event of the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine. About this edition “Observer” stated former head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Pavel Klimkin.

According to the ex-minister, the Ukrainian army should be ready for the invasion of Russian troops, and the Western partners – for the introduction of “hellish” sanctions. “They [американцы] are discussing with the Europeans a package that I would call a containment package. That is, what measures will be taken if Putin goes forward. Hellish sanctions or not hellish – for me these epithets are not so important as whether they work or not. As of today, I cannot say whether SWIFT will be disabled or oil imports will be limited, ”he said.

At the same time, according to him, the introduction of new sanctions will depend on the future conversation between US Presidents Joe Biden and Russia, Vladimir Putin.

Klimkin also added that “Putin’s blitzkrieg” is impossible, since “people will again go to fight for the country.” He specified that the Russian side today prefers internal destabilization to external aggression. “Destabilization begins with a power outage, with any attacks, with riots. I think that this is the path that Putin will follow, ”the ex-minister explained.

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