Unknown persons tried to “mine” schools and state institutions of the Urals and Siberia

Unknown persons “mined” schools and state institutions in the Urals and Siberia. Had to evacuate students, employees of courts and tax inspectorates. An inspection by law enforcement agencies showed that all reports were false. Everything’s under control.

The reports of mining schools in Yekaterinburg appeared early in the morning. They were sent by e-mail to 151 educational institutions in the city. Somewhere they managed to notify the children and parents before the start of the lessons, somewhere they had to evacuate the children from the classes. There was no panic: everyone understood that the threats were false. “Schools and colleges regularly instruct teachers on the procedure for dealing with such situations. Children are taken outside. Then it is recommended to send them home. In this case, class teachers should contact the parents and make sure that each child gets there safely,” said the regional Ministry of Education.

During the pandemic, distance learning became commonplace, so the attackers failed to disrupt the educational process in Yekaterinburg. Teachers and students, quickly finding their bearings, met at online lessons. The police examined all the schools that received the anonymous letters and found nothing dangerous. The regional FSB noted that usually such threats come from computers with changed IP addresses. Since 2020, more than 70 criminal cases have been initiated in the Sverdlovsk Region for such crimes.

False reports about “mining” were received in the Novosibirsk region. Dozens of state institutions had to be evacuated there – these are all 10 district courts in the metropolis, 18 district courts in the region, as well as tax inspectorates. In the office of the anti-terrorist commission of the region, they asked the residents to remain calm: the situation is under control, a check is being carried out.

According to the Office of the Judicial Department in the Novosibirsk Region, threatening letters came by e-mail. The work of the courts was suspended, dozens of employees and participants in the proceedings were evacuated from 28 buildings, firefighters, ambulance brigades and representatives of other emergency services were on duty at the facilities. By mid-afternoon, the courts returned to normal. All messages were found to be false.

Typically, these false messages come from computers with changed IP addresses.

The tax service faced similar threats. “In connection with the received message about possible mining, police officers examined all buildings and structures belonging to the tax authorities of the Novosibirsk region,” Tatiana Asadchaya, press secretary of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the Novosibirsk region, told RG.

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