Unwelcoming weather on the island of Nauru. Wealth led to bankruptcy

The indigenous people of Mikronsan began to settle here 1000 years before our era, but the island of Nauru had to wait until November 1798 for its official discovery. It was then that Captain John Fearn of the British whaling ship Hunter drew it on the maps. It was a lucky accident that he ran out of resources, and the fate of the game with hospitable and bird-loving natives literally saved his life.

They stayed here for a few days. Their impression of the local atmosphere is best described by the name they gave the city: Pleasant Island Nice island. Just take a look at it. The good news is that the life of the original indigenous inhabitants did not fade away even in the following centuries, their island would be on the maps from one world of great powers to another.

After the British, Nauru was gradually taken over by the Germans, Australians, and Japanese. Since 1947, Nauru was a so-called United Nations country, it was officially administered by Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia. From January 31, 1968, the island of Konen became an independent republic. That’s when the list of records and world firsts that made this country stand out above others began to roll out.

Republic pocket records

Well, Micron Nauru is the perfect microstate. It is the smallest island state and currently the smallest internationally recognized republic in the world.

Around the lagoon you can see the remains of the original form of the once native and hospitable island of Nauru.

The area of ​​21 kilometers of open space is a little smaller than the pocket of countries like the Vatican and Monaco, after which the total population does not exceed 13,000. Elections are held here once every few years, and there are only 19 members of parliament.

The country does not finance itself army (its security is ensured by a treaty with Australia), and by 1996 it had notlimpids. Due to its isolation, the covid-19 pandemic practically missed the island.

In a certain sense, we can consider it a record that the landing area for airplanes here reaches a fifth of the length of all roads. You really don’t have that anywhere else. Behind this is the sad fact that there is only one six-kilometer runway on less than 30 kilometers of unpaved roads. And fans of the railways will also come here: the freight train here is less than a quarter of a kilometer long, so they can easily see all the work here.

World number one in phosphates

Nauru may be dwarfed by its parameters, but that is certainly not true of its importance in the past. The island was also the world’s leading importer phosphate. Their surface deposits were discovered here by geologists in 1907, and it practically began to recover. Where did this raw material, necessary for the production of agricultural fertilizers, come from on Korol Atoll? After hundreds of years, the birds put it here in the form of their droppings.

Accumulated foot dung, guno, created formations 12 meters deep. It was a treasure that didn’t smell good, but it was worth its weight in gold. Unfortunately, it cannot be said that the local residents are getting rich from these imported birds.

At first, the natives sold the wood to the British for two thousand pounds, but according to the contract, they could make a profit of only six pence from each ton cut. It was a modern form of the old colonialism, because they literally dismantled the island under their own feet, devastated the countryside and slaved away for someone else.

There is a shortage of pictures from Nauru. Vlada limits ties, don’t expect someone to document locally.

They destroyed the soil, water sources, exterminated the animals and dried up the water in the surrounding area. From the island they created a mass landscape, broken and eroded and on the ground of a mountain.

Pohdkov rich land

IN 70s in the last century, the ownership structure of the mines changed and task companies were restructured. No unsustainable crop model would have been preserved, because it was an extreme year that yielded around 2.5 billion dollars. What made Nauru the second richest country in the world after Saudi Arabia with a GDP of 50,000+ dollars per inhabitant.

The island country could afford to give record poin. Cancel the loan or pay the full health insurance with your own money.

If someone needed a complex laparoscopic procedure, the government paid the entire castles for flax in clinics in Australia. Shipping and handling were also free. The government stupidly put the profit aside and invested in foreign projects.

The issue of food security for residents who could not eat during the devastated area was also brought down. Food was brought here, water was produced by a desalination plant. The living environment of Nauru could have been changed, but the people could not stand up to the lack of well-being and social amenities.

Since 1968, 46 million tons of material have been extracted from there.

The end of gold

The problem was that the island microstate was fully dependent on tb and imports as the main source of income. Since 1968, the world has fallen in love from there 46 million tons of high-quality phosphates. Five percent accounted for 75 percent of national income.

Only the songs in the forest were not undone. In the 1980s, efforts were made to make Nauru, which was still very rich, so that in 10 years the profitability of the country would drop to a minimum of the life expectancy of the inhabitants. IN in 2011 tba phosphate was officially discontinued. The State Fund cost only 100 to cover the banks’ deposits, the country fell from the second highest in GDP by a record 190 places.

Desperate efforts to save the state started by saying that Nauru was being formed by the Dao River, did not bring any results. It turned out that Russian mafia pensions were being laundered in local banks. It caused international resentment and pressure. And so the islanders had to meet the bda themselves.

With that, they set two further unwanted records, because there is no agricultural farming here, the most striking thing is that the vines here are now imported and not of high quality canned foodstuffs. The inhabitants are now the most famous people in the world due to their consumption (95% of the population suffer from excess weight), and at the same time have a population with the world’s highest prevalence of diabetes.

Those who work for the sake of work

Unemployment on Pjemný ostrov is now 23%, but it is time to change that 95% of total employment is based on work in sttn prv. The work is poorly paid, because due to the general poverty and indebtedness of Nauru, taxes are not collected. Simply because people don’t have the pension for that.

Everyone here agrees that it is important to reform the national economy. But for now, it is not possible to find a way to functionally replace the closed phosphate business. In terms of tourism, the potential of the devastated island is clearly not enough. Before the covid-19 pandemic, I had less than 200 tourists a year, now their number is limited to zero.

On the other hand, he quickly became engrossed in reading those who died involuntarily. Australian vlda toti v in 2001 she made Nauru an offer the bankrupt state could not refuse. The island now serves as a large immigrant and children’s center for refugee women from the cells of Asia, whom the Australians do not want to let onto the mainland.

adatel for Australian asylum in tboe on Nauru. Archival photo from 2001.

Nauru se ko restart

To an island that cannot be visited, he is therefore speaking of another strange proposal. The Australian government has also bought a settlement for the indigenous people of Nauru on a still uninhabited island in its territorial waters. However, falsehood would effectively mean the disappearance of state sovereignty and thus the end of at least the republic of the world.

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