Ural rangers issued Kalashnikov assault rifles to protect against poachers

To stop poachers from attacking hunting ground workers, the government of the Sverdlovsk region allowed the use of firearms. Carabiners “Kalashnikov-TR3” were issued to state inspectors of the regional department for the protection, control and regulation of wildlife, reported local authorities.

Since 2019, several incidents have been recorded in the Middle Urals, as a result of which civil service employees were injured. So, for an attempt to stop illegal fishing activities in the Taborinsky district, a hunting inspector was mortally wounded, and a year ago poachers fired at the UAZ of employees in Sysert. “The huntsman has the right to use weapons to protect himself, as well as witnesses and attesting witnesses – this is an extreme security measure,” said Alexander Kuznetsov, director of the department. “I urge everyone to hunt according to the rules, fulfilling legal requirements.”

By the way, 38 state inspectors are engaged in the protection of hunting grounds – their area is 18 million hectares. All specialists were trained and received permission to use service weapons.

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