US coalition confirms rocket fire at base in northeastern Syria – RBK

A US base in Al-Haseke province in northeastern Syria came under rocket fire, reported “RIA News” representative of the American coalition.

“This morning, a rocket landed hundreds of meters from US forces at the Koniko base. There were no injuries or injuries, ”a coalition spokesman said.

By information SANA, five rockets exploded at the Kharab Al-Jir military airfield, which the Americans use as their base. As the source of the TV channel clarified, after the missile attack over the area, an intensive flight of US helicopters and combat aircraft began.

At the same time, Pentagon spokesman Commander Jessica McNulty did not confirm this information to the Russian agency. “We are aware of press reports that rockets were fired at a US military base in Syria, but there is no operational information to support these reports,” she said.

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