Veronica, your guy has a wife! She expressed herself sharply. Žilková indirectly called her a lesbian

The new love of Veronika Žilková (60) has a crack the size of one angry wife. She brought her friend Josef Holomač (60), a bassist from the band Argema, to the premiere of the film on Wednesday. She spoke lovingly of new happiness. But the journalists were contacted by Holomača’s legitimate wife, Holomača, who should have learned about Žilková from the media and does not intend to divorce. Veronika didn’t like that and attacked the woman harshly.

A new relationship Veronika Žilková took unexpected turns. Information has surfaced that her new partner Josef Holomáč is married. In addition, his wife Martina Holomáčová contacted the server. She described Žilková as a lover, because of which their marriage will definitely not fall apart.

“Mr. Holomáč is not a friend of Mrs. Žilková, but rather her temporary lover, as he is married and has no intention of divorcing her.” a woman wrote to the editor. But both Žilková and Holomáč have a completely different opinion about their love.

“We’re both going through divorce proceedings, but his divorce proceedings started two years ago, so way before the two of us met. Mine started recently,” the actress confirmed to the editorial office of

“Both of our ex-partners have found new wives. And we assume they are happy with their wives.” Žilková then told Bleska, which revealed that Josef’s ex-wife had cheated on a woman. Holomač confirmed this.

Veronika Žilková and Josef Holomač

The actress thus fills the headlines and her relationship remains under the scrutiny of the media. For the first time, the new Czech show business couple went out together at the press screening of the film Spolu do Prague Lucerna.

However, they are said to be taming the sweeping of public events for the time being, they have only been together for a while.

“We just met a few weeks ago,Žilková confirmed to Expresa that a large family meeting had already taken place and Holomáč had also met her children.

They really have a lot in common, they are both getting divorced for the third time, both because of infidelity, and they both live in Suchdol.

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