Video of the first flight of the new Tu-160M ​​appeared – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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United Aircraft Corporation has published a video first flight strategic missile carrier Tu-160M. The new aircraft is the first one built from scratch in post-Soviet Russia. Previous missile carriers were created using the factory stock, or they were altered from the combatant Tu-160.

The plane in yellow factory paint took off from the airfield of the aircraft plant in Kazan – the only enterprise in Russia where new missile carriers are assembled, and those already built are being repaired and modernized. The flight lasted about half an hour, the plane climbed to an altitude of 600 meters, performed several simple maneuvers and landed.

– Today’s flight is a great work of the whole team. Although this is a Tu-160 type, it is a completely new aircraft. Not only because it was built from scratch. It is made on a completely different level. This also applies to production technology and internal equipment. And he has much more opportunities, – said the chief pilot of Tupolev PJSC Viktor Minashkin. According to him, the car showed itself perfectly in flight.

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