Viktor and Kope won bronze in the non-Olympic discipline at the World Rowing Championships

Italian team Alessandro Durante and Giovanni Ficarra (right).
| photo: TK

Viktora and Kope, who do not look professional in rowing, advanced to the finals automatically, because only six teams qualified for the discipline at the World Championships.

After the slow water, the moles went halfway along the track and moved to this place, then they drove together and it looked like I was going to strike gold. In the finish, however, they caught a so-called crab, their boat slowed down after a wrong move of the pole, and they were chased by Maart representatives.

How do we honor you? Like in seventh heaven. So it happened, when the hunter’s dream came true, and this was a very big dream for me, the 40-year-old Kop v cli us medal on his neck rejoiced. It is bronze, but to us it is essentially gold. It’s the icing on the cake and I thank the families and Milan, without whom I wouldn’t be here. The same as without coach Tom Kacovskho, said Kop.

Kop works as a secretary at Dukla and, in addition, the Talent ID program of the Polish Federation is used to support youth. I am very glad that I found the motivation to move and I found a parka with which I could realize this event. I didn’t expect that he would go with me, but from the first thorn we made it and we made it 1990 meters. The fact that he didn’t win the last ten, I said holy to Milan and that was the end of it for me, added Kop. Toti caught the so-called crab in Viktor’s fin.

Like Kop, 11-year-old Viktor has been rowing uphill for years, and is currently a professional firefighter in Pardubice. The thorn was complex, especially the country of the party. One day I work twenty-one hours and then two days off. In addition to the family, he had two children. Getting to Prague was difficult, but we managed it. In the last few weeks, I intensified it, but in the end it worked, said Viktora.

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