Vilfand reported anomalous heat in the European part of Russia – RBK

Residents of the central part of European Russia at the end of November will expect an increase in daytime temperatures to plus five, which is higher than normal. This was announced by the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand, reports “RIA News”

“The temperature in the center of European Russia will be three degrees above normal on Thursday (November 25), and it will get warmer further. By the weekend it will be five degrees warmer than the norm <...> On Sunday (November 28) it will be up to plus four degrees in the afternoon and a warm south-west wind. According to calculations, the temperature will even be up to plus 5 degrees, ”said the forecaster.

According to him, on the night of November 25, the temperature will be about zero degrees, and the next day a strong wind is predicted. “In the south (European Russia), the weather is more anticyclonic. The temperature will rise. In Crimea, tomorrow it is predicted plus 5-7 degrees, and by Saturday, Sunday plus 14-17 degrees. This temperature is 6-8 degrees above normal. The situation is similar in the Krasnodar Territory, ”Vilfand said.

At the same time, he added that the north of European Russia is waiting for an abnormal cold. “Frosts in the north of European Russia are forecasted to be severe. On Thursday night it is predicted to minus 10 degrees, and by the end of the week to minus 20-23 degrees. During the day, the temperature will be up to minus 12 degrees, “- said the forecaster.

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