Virologist Chumakov called the main changes in the symptoms of “omicron”

The disease of coronavirus infection in the case of the Omicron strain usually proceeds in a mild form, and the proportion of deaths is 0.1% versus 2% for other strains. In general, the virus has seriously changed and has become more likely to infect young people and children.

About it live “Radio Russia” said virologist Konstantin Chumakov. According to his observations, “omicron” mainly affects the upper respiratory tract, and not the deep ones, almost does not progress to pneumonia and vasculitis, which were characteristic of previous strains of COVID-19.

“The previous ones caused characteristic symptoms: loss of smell, fever, pneumonia and vasculitis, thrombosis in the lungs, kidney damage. The symptoms caused by Omicron are different,” says the virologist. “The main manifestations are headache, runny nose, there is no loss of smell “, cough, irritation in the nose are typical manifestations of an acute respiratory viral disease of the upper respiratory tract. It lasts from one day to three to five. But there are some people who go to the hospital with omicron and, unfortunately, some die.”

Although vaccinated people are more likely to contract the Omicron strain of coronavirus, they have mild or asymptomatic cases, while unvaccinated people get sick more often, more severely and end up in the hospital, Chumakov says. “According to the statistics of the United States, in this wave, the probability of getting into the hospital for the unvaccinated is about five times higher than for the vaccinated,” he concluded.

On the eve of the head of the Ministry of Health Mikhail Murashko informed, that the emergence of the Omicron strain increases the likelihood of re-infection with coronavirus by five times, in connection with which he again called for vaccination of everyone who had a re-vaccination period, as well as those who had COVID-19 more than six months ago. According to doctors, the presence of not only a full course of vaccination, but also revaccination increases the number and quality of antibodies to the virus, better protecting the body.

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