Virologist Chumakov explained why the pandemic may end soon

Konstantin Chumakov, director of the US Global Virological Network Center, explained why the coronavirus pandemic could end soon. As an expert in broadcast Radio Rossii, there is not a single pandemic that lasts longer than 2-3 years.

“There weren’t any. There was a Spaniard in the memory of mankind, a really serious test. According to various estimates, from 50 to 100 million people died. But this also ended in two and a half years. And this virus has not gone away – it just turned into a seasonal flu “Then there were no vaccines and everyone just got sick. And as a result, population immunity was formed. The virus has nowhere else to go, it circulates, infects, but no longer causes a serious illness,” Chumakov said.

According to Chumakov, everyone will have to get sick.

“The virus has changed in such a way that if earlier the old versions of children were not touched, now young and middle-aged people get sick much more. And many children get sick and end up in hospitals. You shouldn’t think that this is a trifle,” Konstantin Chumakov said.

The virologist also listed the main symptoms of omicron – headache, runny nose, lack of loss of smell, cough, irritation in the nose.

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