Virologist named signs of complete recovery from coronavirus – RBK

A PCR test for COVID-19 does not always give an accurate result, since a sample for this analysis is most often taken from the patient’s nasopharynx, while the pathogen may already be located elsewhere in the body. This was announced by Sergey Netesov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Virology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Novosibirsk State University, transfers Radio Sputnik.

“The fact is that a PCR sample taken from the nasopharynx determines the presence of a virus in the nasopharynx. As you know, the virus leaves the nasopharynx rather quickly: it can go into the lungs, into the blood, into the intestines, ”the expert said.

The level of herd immunity to coronavirus in Russia exceeded 50%

Photo: Andrey Lyubimov / RBC

According to the virologist, because of this, one negative result of a PCR test cannot be considered a 100% guarantee of recovery from the coronavirus. To do this, it is necessary to repeat the analysis after two to three days or take blood for additional research.

Also, the absence of coronavirus particles in the body can be confirmed by passing an antibody test, Netesov added.

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