Virologists have evaluated Gunzburg’s recommendations on the use of a nasal vaccine – RBK

Recommendations for the use of a new COVID-19 nasal vaccine should be given only after the publication of the official results of the study and its registration. This was reported to RBC by Sergei Voznesensky, associate professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases.

Previously, the head of the Center. Gamalei Alexander Gunzburg statedthat people vaccinated with the injectable vaccine who receive an additional drug in the form of a nasal spray will not carry COVID-19.

“I am skeptical about this <...> To date, the results of trials of the intranasal vaccine have not yet been published, it has not been registered. Therefore, it is too early to make such recommendations, ”Voznesensky said.

According to him, only after the publication of the results of the study with an understandable time frame and on various groups of the population, it will be possible to be convinced of the effectiveness of the drug and to study the possibility of revaccination after “Sputnik V”. “What Mr. Gunzburg says, from a theoretical point of view, may have a justification. But how much it is necessary to go through this procedure for those who have already been vaccinated, taking into account the fact that we have vaccinated only 36% of the population, I still cannot say, ”the expert added.

Infectionist, Doctor of Medical Sciences Nikolai Malyshev also told RBC that it is too early to talk about the specific use of the nasal vaccine. “Of course, a person after routine vaccination is able to transmit the virus to another. As for the intranasal vaccine, when it appears, it will be very useful in the prevention of COVID-19. But it’s too early to talk about it, ”he said.

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