We didn’t know the athletes Honza and Sru until now, but we are their biggest fans every day

Apart from women’s asses in tight ankles, we searched for a long time and in vain for some tangible reason to watch athletics.

And we came across the Czech athletics lover Jan Tefela and especially Sra Plucnarová, who is obviously devoting herself to a well-deserved holiday in Cyprus, but not to the thorn.

And for us it’s completely in the shoe, so two:


Honza is a talented youngster, this year he was seventh at the European championship, he is coached by the legendary Jaroslav Bba.

In addition to being able to play with balls for a long time, she did it, recently (but before the holidays) she threw her best.


Let’s hope we hear something about these nice guys. We gave a follow every day.


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