We don’t buy disputes at Astratex, but we rate Bry Mottlov’s advertisement as relevant

Do you know that strange feeling when you can change something with just a word and immediately there are advertisements on you, on social media, on the Internet and on your refrigerator?

So we don’t take it for granted, but images of naked women in their bottom ass jump out at us.

You, the actress Barbora Mottlov. It’s not really a personalized advertisement, we’re just observing it and we were interested in the style in which the Astratex company advertises itself.

Barbora Mottlov

We are not allowed to push anything on you, other than which any of us would have any objections to, but we simply have the impression that you must see this. Because it’s really good to see here, we mean the main goat, where it’s dark in some places.

Yeah Bra, we have a weakness for that. And those who are on the same wavelength, let them go to the gallery, where there are Bry Mottlov’s goats in a dozen ways.

Barbora Mottlov

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