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The Agrarian Bank arrived

The Agrarian Bank arrived
Since last week, the municipality has had a branch of Banco Agrario, on Calle 9 No. 5-11. They will serve the public all week, until Saturday at noon. The town only had a bank branch and has around 65 thousand inhabitants.

they portrayed them
The employees of the Mayor’s Office received some family pictures as a Christmas present. They looked nice in the photo.

Appoint parochial vicar
The priest Wálter Santana Sanabria was appointed by the bishop of Pereira, Monsignor Rigoberto Corredor Bermúdez, as vicar in the parish of San Lorenzo in this municipality. For many months this position had been empty and the parish priest Carlos Alberto Ocampo Ospina had to perform only the parish service.

It is not permitted
In some towns of Caldas they are lending the sports venues so that the candidates for the Chamber and the Senate carry out political proselytizing. The Constitutional Court prohibited the use of public property for proselytizing purposes. Watch out for that.

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