Well-known fitness bloggers were caught cheating their subscribers Russian news EN

Well-known fitness bloggers on a regular basis deceive their subscribers and distort their appearance. Daily Mail journalists talked with experts who have caught the authors popular on various platforms cheating with the help of cosmetic and other procedures.

“We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with supposedly ideal body images that are not really natural, and you don’t have to strive for them. To achieve this result, bloggers use filters to change the shape and appearance of their bodies and faces, and undergo cosmetic procedures ranging from surgery to simple adjustments. Some even distort images by changing camera angles when photographing,” said cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul Banwell.

In the case of female bloggers, the most common are liposuction, fillers, buttock implants, or buttock augmentation injections. Also popular is the removal of the lower ribs, making the waist thinner. Men predominantly build muscle with steroids.

Cosmetologists note that such a “fit” is difficult to notice in the photo. Disproportionate muscles or curves, as well as the presence of stretch marks on the skin or the appearance of skin defects can be a sign of undergoing procedures.

Meanwhile, American wrestler Mandy Rose published a series of pictures in a bikini. The post got more than 195,000 likes in a day. In addition to performing in professional wrestling, Rose is known for participating in bikini fitness competitions.

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