What is happening in Kazakhstan is of particular importance for a third of Russians KXan 36 Daily News

The majority of Russians – 74 percent – follow the developments in Kazakhstan to some extent. And for a third of Russians, they are of particular importance.

– To some extent, 74 percent of respondents show interest in the situation in Kazakhstan, for a third what is happening is of particular importance (34 percent). Every fifth respondent (22 percent) noted that they were not interested in the events in Kazakhstan, the VTsIOM said in a statement.

Of those who are interested in Kazakhstani events, 26 percent characterize what is happening as a riot against the backdrop of rising gas prices, 17 percent see them as an attempt at a coup d’état, for 10 percent it is disgrace and lawlessness, for 8 percent it is riots and looting, for 7 percent it is a terrorist attack, and more for 7 – civil war.

The reasons for what is happening, the Russians suggest the increase in gas prices (25 percent), the expression of public opinion of the population of Kazakhstan (16 percent), protests against poverty (13 percent) and the impact of external forces (12 percent).

The palette of feelings experienced by Russians who are interested in the Kazakh crisis is quite wide. Recent events in this country more often cause fear, condemnation, disappointment, as well as hope, respect and skepticism.

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