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E-sports fully meets all the requirements for sports, and operates according to the same rules and principles as more traditional types of competitive activities such as football or hockey. There is a very specific definition of sport – it is “organized according to certain rules the activity of people, consisting in comparing their physical and / or intellectual abilities, as well as preparation for this activity and interpersonal relationships that arise in its process.” Esports falls under it completely.

At the same time, esports is an industry that exists at the intersection of sports, technology, media and show business, which is very popular among young people and systematically “exciting” audiences of all ages. Today, the global e-sports market is estimated at $ 947.1 million, and the global e-sports audience is about 435.9 million people (data from the analytical company NewZoo). The Russian esports market, in turn, is estimated at $ 28.6 million (PwC data), and the Russian audience is 15.4 million people (Nielsen Sports data). Every year we see an increase in interest in e-sports and, according to forecasts, these indicators will only increase.

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It was Russia that became the first country in the world to recognize esports as an official sport. The state invests forces and means in the conduct of mass competitions.

For example, in 2021, the final of the Russian Computer Sports Championship was held in Chelyabinsk – the tournament received support from the leadership of the region, and almost 10 thousand people visited the event site. And more than 36 thousand people took part in the Open Cup of the FCC of Russia in computer sports in 2021.

This attitude towards the development of computer sports is bearing fruit. In 2021, Russian athletes won major tournaments in the most popular competitive disciplines. Team Spirit won The International in Dota 2, the Ukrainian team NaVi with three Russian players took the championship at PGL Major Stockholm in CS: GO, and right now the players from Gambit Esports are preparing for the Valorant World Championship.

Some of these now eminent athletes once started their careers with mass tournaments of the FCC of Russia, won their first victories at them and gained competitive experience. There are more and more such examples of climbing the “career ladder”: last week it became known that the participant and winner of the Russian FCC tournaments Ivan Pure Moskalenko joined the Dota 2 roster of one of the world’s leading esports clubs – The Russian Computer Sports Federation has experience in organizing major all-Russian and international cybersport competitions, and now we are actively involved in the development of the Games of the Future, providing expertise on many key issues.

It is planned that one of the five “Universes” of the tournament, the Battle Challenge, will consist entirely of eSports disciplines. National teams will play their usual Dota 2, Counter Strike, Fortnite, League of Legends, and then unite to play a similar game in offline mode in the quest format. I am confident that Russia will succeed in creating a spectacular sports product that will be of interest to today’s active audience.

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