Will you also be the mayor for seven days? iinsk writhed like a snake and did not answer. The savages laughed at him

The mayor of Prague 7 and candidate for mayor Jan iinsk (Praha sob) got into a pre-election debate on CNN Prima News. He was unable to give a clear answer to the audience’s question about whether he was elected to the municipal council instead of mayor for seven years. Moderator Michal Pr therefore asked again if he thought he would be both mayor and mayor. iinsk like a stuck plate kept claiming that he would work for one salary, he obviously does not want to give up the position of mayor. For that, he earned the squeals and laughs of the wild ones in the studio. iinsk bv criticized that, until recently, he had combined the functions of mayor, chairman of the Prague representative club, member of two representative clubs and one committee, in addition to being a member of parliament who sat in two committees and chaired one subcommittee.

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