Winter lilacs bloom in Tsarskoe Selo for the first time in 105 years – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

In the Alexander Palace of the Tsarskoye Selo Museum-Reserve, tubs with flowering lilac bushes were installed. Thus, the tradition that existed in the family of the emperor and which was interrupted in 1917 was revived here.

Under Nicholas II and Alexander Feodorovna, fresh flowers adorned the interiors of the palace every year, they say in the museum. The last time they were here was at the beginning of 1917, when the imperial was in her house under arrest. But soon they were removed – “prisoners are not entitled to luxury.” 105 years later, in January 2022, the blooming lilacs returned to the rooms of the palace – in particular, to the Maple Living Room and the Lilac Office.

Lilacs were made to bloom at an unusual time in the same way as a century ago – by forcing. The specialists of the Tsarskoye Selo greenhouse complex began to prepare the plants for awakening in December. In this case, we are talking about historical varieties – the same ones that were admired by members of the imperial family. Among them is the white “Madame Lemoine”, the world’s first terry lilac.

“Empress Alexandra Feodorovna loved flowers, especially lilacs,” they say in the museum-reserve. – She preferred lilac tones in her clothes, perfume with the scent of lilac … In her memoirs, the Empress’s maid of honor Anna Vyrubova wrote: “The Empress spent most of the day in her office, with lavender furniture and walls of the same color … This room was full of flowers , bushes of blooming lilacs or roses, and flowers were in vases. “

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