With help he lowered his motorcycle from the transit crane, in Chinchiná

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Moment in which the owner of the motorcycle, with the help of other citizens, lowers the motorcycle and leaves with a companion.


In front of the traffic authority and in view of several people, a citizen who had been given a traffic summons, apparently due to poor parking, and had his motorcycle immobilized, lowered the vehicle from the tow truck and took it away.

The fact provoked countless comments on social networks, as there were many witnesses to the case, since it happened in the center of Chinchiná, on the 8th race, where traffic agents found the motorcycle and ordered its immobilization.

They ordered the tow truck to lift the vehicle to take it to the patios, located in the Balsora Lake sector. What happened next was that the owner was outraged and climbed back on the crane himself to lower it.

Later he started along with a woman who accompanied him.

What is striking is that the immobilization and upload to the crane would have occurred blocks before, but the offender took advantage of the fact that the slab, as it is also known, had to make a stop.

A traffic officer, who apparently had ordered the procedure, could do nothing and, faced with a majority that acted against the order, stood by while the motorcycle was lowered.

Transit Code

The order to immobilize a vehicle that is badly parked or abandoned is found in Article 127 of the Traffic Code. It also establishes under what conditions shipping to the yards can be avoided. According to the norm, if the person in charge of the vehicle is in the place where the infraction was detected, there will only be a place for the imposition of the subpoena and the order to move the vehicle from the site. In the aforementioned case, apparently the immobilized motorcycle had already been taken from the site of the infraction and even if it had been at the scene, the procedure to unhook the vehicle can only be given by whoever represents the traffic authority at that time.

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