With the help of bo? The representative of the Vatican will go first at the World Cycling Championships

It is an inhospitable est. I think I’ll get it right at the start, said the 40-year-old native of Groningen to the AP agency. It is the first big step towards what the pope knows sports can achieve: equality and brotherhood. Everyone on a sports hit – in this case on the road – is equal, regardless of reason, religion or age, he added.

Meanwhile, Vatican athletes appeared outside of the competition at events such as the Games of the Small States of Europe and the Central Moscow Games. Thanks to Schuurhuis, the world’s smallest bike park will have its first day of competition. Last year, the International Cycling Union (UCI) hosted the Vatican as its 200th headquarters.

Schuurhuis can represent the Vatican thanks to the fact that his wife is the Australian ambassador to the Church, Chiara Porrov. In Dutch colors, he rode on the UCI continental circuit, which is one step below the elite World Tour. He is a good cyclist. He led to a high level, said his coach Valerio Agnoli, his former colleague Grand Tour champion Ivan Basso and Vincenzo Nibali.

I knew how to ride a bike before I could walk, Schuurhuis remembered his origin from the land of cycling. The cycling amateur thorn on rough men’s roads, but not in the city state, his colors represent. I tried to go there once with my son. But the policeman scolded him because I’m not allowed to go to Saint Peter’s Square on a bicycle, he said with a laugh.

Schuurhuis does not believe that he will fight with the best on Sunday. Its main purpose is to carry the Pope’s message. When people see his yellow jersey, they are curious, said Agnoli, for example, Belgian star Wout van Aert sought out his star in Australia during the thorn.

Given that the seduction starts at 2:15 a.m. Moscow time, it is unlikely that Schuurhuis will be watched by Pope Francis on television. The time shift is the problem. But he can, if he depends on the record, said the president of the Athletica Vaticana organization, Giampaolo Mattei.

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