World athletics suspects seven countries of manipulation of results before the Olympics in Tokyo

Albania, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkey and Uzbekistan are on the manipulated list. The World Athletics Association stated that it had found 17 suspicious results in the events in these countries when the qualification results for the Tokyo Olympics were calculated. The integrity of our sport is a top priority. Without n, there would be no sport, said WA president Sebastian Coe.

The world athletics stated that the federation identified as risky cooperated and that no specific functionaries were suspected. If more athletes land at the Olympics, that’s how much I can get from the International Olympic Committee’s delegation and sponsorship income.

WA just announced today that, after a review, it decided on the right result of 11 matches from the youth championships in the years 2001-2013 due to the falsified age of the wrestlers, of which the medalists were the winners. In nine cases, the inmates were old, five of them from Sadsk Arabia, in two cases young.

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