“WORLD” cats, heroes of your favorite films and bright shows – what awaits viewers in the New Year marathon on the 18th button

On the last weekend of the outgoing year, TV channels traditionally open the New Year’s program schedule. Most Russians prefer to meet the main night of the year and spend time with their families on vacation with a TV remote control in their hands. However, this tradition is inherent not only to the inhabitants of our country.

MIR has staked on vivid emotions and impressions – in the coming year of the Tiger, the TV channel will celebrate its 30th anniversary, which means that they are well versed in the preferences of their audience: an impressive experience on the air allows you to clearly respond to all requests from viewers. Moreover, dozens of popular programs and successful projects in prime time are watched by residents not only in Russia, but also in all CIS countries and Georgia.

Ensuring the right New Year’s mood is a task with an asterisk. Hundreds of people have to work hard to recreate the magic of a Christmas and winter fairy tale on TV screens – decorators, producers, costume designers, screenwriters, authors, directors, TV presenters, lighting and many other professions. All of them, of course, are happy to be part of the “WORLD” family – thanks to their work on the set, a magical atmosphere is born that immerses the audience in the world of vivid impressions.

TV crews begin to prepare for the shooting of New Year’s editions of popular projects in advance, so that the festive programs turn out to be unusual, as spectacular as possible, each with its own special mood. The first to take the New Year’s baton are “Playing in the Cinema” and “Back to the Future”.

Filming pavilions with a special atmosphere: spotlights, posters, decorations – a world of mystery and magic! So, the trees are decorated, the confetti is charged, and the celebrity guests in festive outfits are ready to play. Permanent presenter Quiz “Playing the Cinema” Sergey Belogolovtsev does not hide his emotions:

– I think we have one of the most beautiful sets on Russian television. This is a really awesome work of art directors.

People come here not for a win, but for a firework of emotions. On Thursday, December 30 at 7:25 pm, Vj Archie, comedian Roman Yunusov and actress Evelina Bledans will appear in the New Year’s “Game in the Cinema”, whose evening dress will make the male half clinging to television screens heart palpitations.

Viktor Loginov has no less vivid characters. In different editions “Back to the Future” singer Katya Lel, performer Arkady Ukupnik, actress Ekaterina Guseva, Sergei Minaev will appear.

At 20:50 on December 30, spectators will have a super New Year’s game with the charming Anna Semenovich and popular artists – Alexander Show, Mitya Fomin and Yulia Savicheva. Who wins is not important: Viktor Loginov believes:

– Show “Back to the Future” is a train of happiness, which goes to the past and returns to our days with a huge supply of positive mood, which will be enough for us for the whole new year!

By the way, “Back to the Future” is also waiting for the audience during the holidays – you can watch your favorite program early in the morning on January 4 – at 9:10.

But in “Weak Link” – they keep the intrigue. Even Maria Kiseleva is in no hurry to answer. What will be the release of the legendary show on the eve of the New Year is a big secret:

– Of course, we have prepared a surprise for the viewers of the MIR TV channel for the New Year. The New Year’s edition will be unusual, interesting and bright, don’t miss it.

Only one thing is clear: the New Year’s game will be shown on air on December 24 and 27 at 20:10.

Those who count down the days until the chimes, but are no longer ready to work intellectually with the same passion and watch the victories of the quiz participants, will still find a spectacle to their liking on the MIR TV channel. The holiday will be held in the company of the heroes of your favorite films and TV series: “D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers”, “Midshipmen, Go!”, “Hearts of Three”, “Zolushka”, “New Year’s Tariff”. In order not to get lost for sure – follow the program on the portal.

And on the last Sunday of 2021, that is, December 26 – do not miss the final issue of the main CIS TV magazine “Together”. In order to recall the most interesting events with Ekaterina Abramova and sum up the results of the year:

– The second year of self-restraint due to covid is ending. Correspondents and cameramen are forced to travel to the shooting, observing the strictest sanitary measures, monitors blink in the deserted newsroom – journalists, producers and directors work from home. But the information conveyor does not stop for a minute. Together it’s interesting!

And if the main results have been summed up, gifts for loved ones and loved ones have been bought, the Christmas tree shines with garlands, and in the reflection of Christmas balls, cats and invited guests wink merrily, then it’s time to go to a big disco with the MIR TV channel. The New Year’s marathon of your favorite hits will begin on December 31 at 10:10 with the Avtoradio music festival. Dancing day and night until the morning of January 1, to enter the new year bright and incendiary!

Well, at 23:55, everyone who has already reached the “Now I’ll Sing!” It has been proven that if you sing with feeling, clearly, with arrangement and at the same time get into the notes, then the year will bring a lot of positive emotions and joy.

By the way, about the cats. 2022 will definitely be kind and fluffy – cats are responsible for the comfort and interesting program during the New Year holidays on the MIR TV channel! While the big striped one is getting ready to take over, the “domestic tigers” are invited to spend time with their favorite TV channel. And it’s not at all about men lying imposingly on sofas, lazily stretching between the episodes of their favorite programs, but about the most real mustachioed-striped ones: the creative design of the TV channel these days is a continuous feline reign.

During the holidays “MIR” offers a variety of thematic days.

January 1 – plunge into the world of magic with the “Day of Fairy Tales”: from 10:10 am until the evening we watch “The Adventures of the Yellow Suitcase”, “The Tale of Lost Time”, “Sadko” and other favorite magical stories.

January 2 “Laughing Together” – we watch the best Soviet and French comedies: at 10:10 – “Twelve chairs”, 13:20 – “Where is the nofelet”, and from 23:55 we meet Louis de Funes in the film “The Gendarme of Saint -Trope “.

On January 3, we are going in search of adventure at 10:10 with “The Elusive Avengers” – the TV channel will show all parts of the legendary story, and at 19:15 the TV series “The Other Side of the Moon”.

On A Day Travel in Time, January 4th, you can travel back in time and watch all three parts of Aliens with Jean Reno and Christian Clavier.

And on January 5, on “Day of detective stories”, the most successful premiere of the season of the TV channel – “Historical detective” with Nikolai Valuev – two episodes at once at 9:00 on the air.

According to the channel’s management, how you celebrate the New Year is how you will spend it. “MIR” offers to choose trusted friends and spend the winter holidays together, staying with the remote control from 18 buttons in hand for the whole year. Moreover, on the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary, the TV channel plans to prepare not a single surprise and bright reason for the meeting.

“We look into the next year with optimism, we are ready to continue to delight our viewers with bright content, give even more positive emotions and maintain high standards in the work of the media,” emphasizes Chairman of MTRK MIR Radik Batyrshin.

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