A new section “Cybersecurity is easy” has appeared on the State Services

Following just a few simple rules of safe behavior on the Internet will prevent most attacks on users

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A section appeared on the State Services Portal “Cyber ​​security is easy!”dedicated to safe behavior on the Internet. About it informs press service of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development.

– On the State Services portal, user data is securely protected. However, security is determined not only by the level of protection of the portal, but also by the tools that the user himself can use: a strong password, two-factor authentication, detection of fraudulent phishing emails on behalf of the portal. Compliance with just a few simple rules of safe behavior on the Internet will prevent most of the attacks on users and significantly reduce the amount of financial damage both for each individual citizen and the state as a whole,” said Vladimir Bengin, director of the cybersecurity department of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development.

In the new section, users of the State Services can take a test and find out how well they can recognize typical tricks of Internet scammers and protect their data. Users of the service can also learn how to protect themselves from various types of threats, from account hacking to phone scams, and download special cybersecurity memos. They list phrases that give out phone scammers, as well as information that should never be disclosed, and much more.

The new section on State Services is part of the All-Russian Cyber ​​Hygiene Program implemented by the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia jointly with St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, RTK-Solar and ANO Dialog Regions as part of the Federal Information Security project of the Digital Economy national program.

Also, as part of the cyber hygiene program of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, together with RTK-Solar and St. Petersburg State University of Transportation, they launched three special projects to improve the cyber literacy of citizens. The program will be updated annually, and the number of special projects will increase in the near future.


it website about simple cybersecurity rules. On it you can learn how to create strong passwords, protect your mobile device, avoid phishing and check the security of sites.

Complex simple passwords

This is a section on the CyberHealthy website. He will tell you about the quality protection of your account and help you come up with a long and complex password that is easy to remember and hard to crack.


These are the stories of bloggers on social networks about how they overcame cyberbullying, as well as website for children and teenagers about the fight against bullying on the Internet. On it you can find out how the “victim”, “aggressor” and “observer” are distinguished, what to do if the joke offends and how to help the victim of cyberbullying.

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