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Investigators became interested in a man who yelled at children in Irkutsk with an ax

Investigators became interested in a man who came to the playground with an ax and shouted at the children in Irkutsk – a Russian can become a defendant in two criminal cases at once. This was reported to on Thursday, August 4, in Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) by Irkutsk region.

According to the agency, the incident occurred on the evening of August 3 in the Sverdlovsk district of Irkutsk. Eyewitnesses filmed how the man came to the playground and yelled at the teenagers. After studying the video, the investigators organized a check on the signs of the crimes “Threat to kill or cause grievous bodily harm” and “Hooliganism”. At the moment, eyewitnesses are being identified and interviewed, all the circumstances of the incident are being clarified.

Previously reportedthat a Russian criminal hacked a friend with an ax because of a dispute about a colony. The men who drank alcohol had a dispute about the colony in which they both once served time. The dispute escalated into a conflict that ended in a fight, during which a 48-year-old man hit his opponent on the head with a frying pan.

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