A Russian woman threw a boot with mold at the mayor of the city and got on the video: Society: Russia:

A resident of Uglegorsk threw a boot with mold at the mayor of the city under the governor of Sakhalin

A resident of Uglegorsk at a meeting with the governor Sakhalin region Valery Limarenko threw a boot with mold at the mayor of the city Dmitry Tsukanov. The reason for this was the issue of resettlement from an emergency house, in which a Russian woman has been living with her family for three years. Video footage from the spot published portal.

In the video, a woman explains to the governor of Sakhalin that for a long time she and her relatives have to huddle in terrible conditions. The Russian woman claims that Mayor Tsukanov offers her to move from a 30-year-old emergency house to a building that is twice as old. Limarenko, in response, states that he will forward her request to the prosecutor. This outrages the woman and those present in the hall.

When a resident of Uglegorsk runs out of arguments, she takes out a bag of shoes from her emergency apartment and throws it towards the mayor. She is taken away by a police officer.

Limarenko’s later TelegramHe told the channel that he had previously received many messages about problems in Uglegorsk through social networks, and the meeting in Shakhtyorsk confirmed that “it is urgent to put things in order” there.

“I will not allow officials to ignore the residents, each of the questions raised has been taken under control, and I will strictly question those responsible,” the governor of the Sakhalin Region promised.

Formerly Council of Deputies of Sovetskaya Gavan Khabarovsk Territory stripped off from the post of the head of the city of Pavel Borovsky because of the scandal with his marriage to a subordinate.

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