A Russian woman who has been in Turkey claims to extort beer and food from merchants Russian news EN

A reader of the “Subtleties of Tourism” spoke about merchants in Turkey demanding food from tourists

A Russian tourist visited a premium hotel in Turkey and described her vacation with the words “just a beautiful wrapper.” She shared her disappointments from the trip with the portal “Subtleties of Tourism”, her review was published on the platform “Yandex.Zen”.

As the Russian woman said, a vacation in a five-star hotel in Alanya cost her 192 thousand rubles – while the traveler said that he was not worth the money at all. The girl complained about the “mediocre” cleaning in the room, problems with the service, plastic cups instead of glasses and wine glasses in the restaurant, and unfriendly staff who refused to work without a tip. In addition, she was outraged by the arrogant and boorish behavior of merchants in stores.

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“I heard shopkeepers asking tourists to bring food and beer from the bar. “What do you feel sorry for? It’s free for you, bring it!”. For the first time I meet such lawlessness in a hotel, ”a portal reader complained about the extortion of the Turks.

Among other things, the Russian woman noticed that the hotel was saving on electricity: for example, the lighting in the room and on the territory was dim, and the air conditioner automatically turned off every 10 minutes. The only advantage of the rest, the girl called the convenient location of the hotel and the beach.

Earlier in August, a Russian woman visited on a cruise trip from Sochi to Turkey and spoke about its features. So, eight days in the most budgetary cabin without windows on the all-inclusive system cost her 230 thousand rubles. However, according to her, “rest on the liner can not be compared with the hotel.”

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