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Metro: Briton Louise Edwards found a slimy parasite in her eye

A slimy parasite crawled out of the eye of 35-year-old Louise Edwards city ​​of Liverpool, Great Britain. About it informs Metro.

Waking up one morning, the woman found what she thought was a pimple over her right eye. Over the next few hours, it got bigger and the eyelid visibly swollen.

The British decided to go to the eye clinic, suggesting that she was bitten by some kind of insect. “The doctors tried to pop the pimple, gave me antibiotics and sent me home,” she recalls.

The next day, the eye stopped opening due to severe swelling. Edwards experienced severe pain that radiated to her teeth and head. The woman returned to the clinic and received only advice to take prescribed medications.

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Edwards confided the problem to her neighbor, who suggested that she pop the “pimple” using hot water. The Briton followed the recommendation and, pressing on her eye, she felt something creep out from under her eyelid.

“I felt something jump out. I called my father, and he said that it was some kind of parasite with legs, ”says Edwards.

The British made an appointment with a therapist in the hope of finding out what kind of parasite settled in her eye.

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