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British cat food eater Green joined Bloc social network and got rich

Londoner Sara Green forced to eat cat food in her student years, after which she found a way to get rich. She revealed her secret of success in an interview Daily Star.

It is reported that during her studies at the Faculty of Psychology, the student periodically ate canned food for animals, stole shower gel from roommates and even cut her hair to save money. “I bought pasta for 29 pence (about 20 rubles) and chips with salt. I barely had enough money even for that. A cat often went to our apartment, and girlfriends bought canned salmon for him. When I didn’t have food, I made my way to the kitchen and ate the contents of the can, ”admitted Green.

One day, an interlocutor of the publication stumbled upon the free social network Bloc, which pays its users with cryptocurrency to visit restaurants and bars in London. It is noted that the British registered in it for the sake of the experiment.

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“I gradually started going to different places, ordering non-alcoholic cocktails and watching the work. After a few weeks, my cryptocurrency account began to grow, which I did not even expect. I began to take it more seriously, visited more and more places. In a couple of months, I earned more than five thousand pounds (about 369 thousand rubles) and spent them on improving the quality of life: I ate in the best restaurants, visited beauty salons, bought cosmetics, ”shared the heroine of the material.

In July, a resident of Georgia, USA, Miara Emoni told about how she mastered the technique of eyelash extensions and became a millionaire. After completing the course, the girl began to put her skills into practice in her hometown of Atlanta, where she then opened a beauty studio. “My lifestyle has changed a lot. I was finally able to buy myself a nice car. Besides, I’ve always dreamed of shoes. Chanel and now I can afford it, ”she admitted.

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